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How Be Her™ Works

Unleash Your Inner CEO, Deepen Your Faith, & Prioritize Your Soul Care & Self Care
All Within a Powerful Sistahood.

Be Her™ isn't your average coaching program;
it's an intensive, individually calibrated mentorship experience.

It's a Soul Care and Black liberation strategy designed for
powerhouse Black Christian women entrepreneurs like you.

We understand the unique challenges you face – building a million-dollar empire
while keeping your faith strong and your soul nourished.

Be Her™ is a transformative 12-month program focused on
caring for your soul and that tackles the three pillars of the Soul Care Blueprint:
faith, wellness, and entrepreneurship.

Be Her™ is designed to help you:

Prioritize Soul Care

Learn to prioritize and reignite your connection with God, deepen your faith, and utilize your faith as a guiding force toward your purpose and continued progress

Embrace Wellness & Self-Care

Learn to prioritize your wellness, eliminating burnout and fostering true inner peace for the long term

Empower Your
God-Given Gifts

Master the strategies and systems you need to propel your business to new heights, all while honoring your faith

From Hustle to Harmony

Imagine a roadmap leading you from the daily hustle to a life rich with
faith, wellness, and entrepreneurial success.

That's your Soul Care Blueprint!

Receive personalized guidance, high touch support and accountability
from your Soul Care and Black Liberation Strategist™

  • Intensive One-on-One Coaching
  • Mastermind Momentum
  • Packed with Tools to Empower you Delegate & Dominate
  • Live Learning
  • Unwavering Support
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Community & Connection
  • Luxury Retreats

Ready to Transform Your Hustle into Harmony?

Don’t wait to embrace a life where your faith, wellness, and entrepreneurial dreams align perfectly. Your journey to a more fulfilling life starts with one simple step.

Who Is Be Her™ For:

The Burnout Boss Lady

You're a strategist, but the hustle leaves you burnt out.
You crave purpose and peace.

The Faithful Founder

Your faith is your core, but integrating it into your business feels unclear.

The Overwhelmed Queen

You juggle many roles, and are experiencing many transitions, but neglecting yourself. You yearn for boundaries and a lighter load.

About the Founder of

The Be Her™ Soul Care & Black Liberation Mentorship Experience is an unrivaled God-inspired design by a Black Christian woman who is a CEO x 2.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and soon-to-be PhD in Psychology, I understand your unique challenges and aspirations from a clinical, faith-based, and entrepreneurial perspective.

I also have experienced and witnessed firsthand the power of being connected to God on challenging roads that are dark and scary…

With over 20 years of clinical experience and over a decade of having a private mental health practice, and many years of coaching Black women, I've walked alongside others, like you, on their journeys to healing, wholeness, and entrepreneurship.

But hey, let's be real. Life throws shade.

And that shade can sometimes be blinding, overwhelming, and make us fearful about if we can actually do what God has called us to do.

And sometimes answering that call requires a little extra support.

I am Her…

And I am called to help you ascend to Be the Her that God intends!

Let me empower and help you create a life and business your soul loves…


What folks
are sayin'...

Stop Running on Empty
& Putting Fear Over Faith...

Are You Ready to Ascend and
BEcome the HER that God Intends?